Company Goals
and Philosophy

For over 30 years Hannusch Industrieelektronik GmbH has stood for reliability, personal and individual support, enormous flexibility, technical competence, and high-quality standards, as well as a reasonable price-performance-ratio.

We produce high-quality industrial electronics, systems, control cabinets and special equipment, considering constantly growing environmental awareness and increasingly scarce resources.
A forward-looking perspective, moderate growth, combined with a philosophy that includes economic, environmental, and social aspects at the same time, is our path.

The requirements of our customers are our challenges.
Our mission is to meet these requirements and to offer you the best possible, individual service in all areas.
Customer-oriented – offering flexibility, speed, reliability, and economy. Find solutions for the individual wishes of our customers while ensuring optimal implementation.

Regulated workflows in development, design, production, and service ensure process and product safety and furthermore demand the quality-conscious actions of our employees

Repeated in-company training and further training, clear structures and processes, well-trained, motivated, and satisfied employees, combined with a high degree of flexibility, are the backbone of our company and our capital.

The basis for an efficient, innovative, and sustainable company.

Maintaining, expanding, and constantly improving this, growing with our satisfied customers in the long term, trusting and close to our customers, is a benchmark and our goal.