Cleaning of assemblies

In many areas of electronics, a cleaning process has become an indispensable part of the manufacturing process. Especially in the fields of aerospace and medical technology, the cleaning of assemblies to remove production residues or environmental and handling residues can be an essential advantage for functionality.

We would be pleased to provide you with our expertise for the development of an individually tailored process.


Cleaning prevents, among other things:

  • necessary prerequisite for reliable painting / coating of assemblies
  • leakage currents, as well as short circuits due to moisture and impurities
  • corrosion
  • Contamination on bond or optical surfaces

For component cleaning we can offer wet chemical cleaning.

Here we work with a spray system with three separate chambers for cleaning medium, drinking water (for rinsing) and DI water for clear rinsing of the assemblies. During rinsing, the conductivity is also recorded for verified cleaning of the assemblies. Additional traceability for each individual assembly is optionally available.