PCB coating & potting - conformal coating –
selective coating - protective coating

The increasing demands placed on electronic assemblies in terms of quality, service life and reliability require more and more protection from environmental influences.

For low-cost applications or high-end areas, we can offer our customers suitable processes. Together with our customers, we specify how much protection is needed for each application.


Coating prevents:

  • Leakage currents, short circuits due to moisture and impurities
  • Corrosion
  • Arcing and corona discharge
  • Damage caused by mechanical shocks and vibrations
  • Fungal infestation

The following types of coating are possible:

  • Selective conformal coating (Painting system: Nordson Asymtek automatic and Rehm Protecto XP coating machines)
  • Automated dip painting
  • Manual coating


Description conformal coating method/ Selective conformal coating method:

The printed circuit boards are coated with a coating film process under low pressure selectively, without spray mist and with extremely high precision. The coating material is removed from a heated paint conveying system, which works with pressure loading and not with compressed air.
The monitored paint curtain creates very precise contours and there is no overspray.