Our environmental management

more safety and quality for people, animals and nature.

A clean environment is the basis for progress, health and quality of life. The topic of environmental protection and resource conservation has been an essential part of our thoughts and actions since the company was founded.

We constantly pay attention to saving of material, water and energy, as well as a further development of consumption optimization.

A PV system also ensures that around 70 tons of CO2 are avoided. per year.

Hannusch strives to combine ecology and economy in a meaningful way. We separate waste, as far as it makes sense, by type at the point of origin and recycle or properly dispose of it with minimal environmental impact.

We are committed to complying with the relevant environmental laws and regulations. Our environmental management and environmental awareness lives through the competent and responsible actions of our employees.

Since 2005, Hannusch has also been certified according to “DIN-ISO 14001”.