The year 2022 was another big challenge for all of us. It was a year with a lot of hectic and rescheduling for us. We would like to thank you for the cooperation despite the many difficulties. At least we were able to do our barbecue, which we would like to repeat next year.

Coming together is a beginning
staying together is progress
Working together is a success
Henry Ford

Since the pandemic, war and environmental disasters have brought some people into existential need, we have made donations to several social organizations in our town instead of gifts to customers and suppliers this year!

School planner of the Erich-Kästner community school
Basketball in Ulm and its youth development
Football department of TSV Seissen and its youth development
Food bank grocery packs for seniors and children
“Student Breakfast” at the Erich Kästner School
“Devices for schools in motion” from the Erich Kästner School
“Green screens” of the Anne Frank secondary school
“Various circuit boards and components for the workshop (lie detector) Anne-Frank-Realschule
“Subsidy for water drink dispensers” Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium
Laichingen Civic Foundation

We are convinced that we acted in your interest. We now wish you and your family Happy Holidays and for the New Year every success and happiness, which is very important during this time; Health ! Take care of yourself !